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Name Medium Fair Link
Bac, Shannon fiber - quilts, totes Village Square
Bechler, Corey ceramics Waterfront
Boerman, Daniel author Village Square
Borowski, Cris jewelry Village Square
Brillhart, Wayne photographer Waterfront
Butler, Terry printmaker Waterfront and Village Square
Campbell, Brian wood - furniture Waterfront
Castonguay, Joy soap, fibers - clothing Village Square
Chambers, Jill Ellen wood Waterfront
Christensen, Heli soap Village Square
Connolly, James glass Waterfront
DeGan, Judy ceramics Waterfront
Dekker, Sandy fiber - housewares, quilts Village Square
Devers, Julie ceramics Village Square
DeVos, Douglas corian - housewares Village Square
DeYoung, Joel photography Village Square
Dovey, Dean and Van Dame, Sue painter/pastels and jeweler Waterfront and Village Square
Du Choudy, Sven and Green, Kyle painters Waterfront
Eberts, Katie painter Waterfront
Edgerton, Mimi misc - housewares, painted ceiling tiles Village Square
Ehrenfeld, Lauren fiber - doll clothes Village Square
Ford, Randi painter Waterfront and Village Square
Froot, Hal wood - custom pens Village Square
Furlan, Anita jewelry, fiber - clothing Village Square
Gale, Greg jewelry Waterfront
Goddard, Carmala fiber - children's clothing Waterfront
Grant, JoEllen and Langlois, Julie sculpture - concrete yard art Village Square
Grant, Steve painter Village Square
Green. Michael sculpture - metal Village Square
Hommes, Tanya photography Village Square
Hooton, Richard painter Village Square
Hutchins, Mat photographer Waterfront
Johns, Bob soap Village Square
Johnson, Amy jewelry Waterfront
Kampenga, Chylene ceramics Waterfront and Village Square
Kiel, Harvey and Linda wood Village Square
Klade, Lee glass Waterfront and Village Square
Klawiter, Karri photography Village Square
Kohler, Ellen glass Waterfront
Kornoelje, Anna fiber - housewares, clothing - hammocks Village Square
Kramer, Alicia and Perez, Mary fiber - housewares, clothing Village Square
Kuilema, Mary ceramics Waterfront
Laferney, Jeff and Lassar, Julie self published authors Village Square
Leidelmeyer, Donovan jewelry Village Square
Lensink, Jay Andrew jewelry Village Square
Littleton, Kathleen fiber - housewares, samplers Village Square
Marksz, Alex and Gail jewelry Waterfront
Martens, Petrus printmaker Village Square
May, Eva fiber - clothing, hats Waterfront
McAlpine, David ceramics Waterfront
McGinnis, Marti painter Waterfront
Meehan, Mary ceramics Waterfront and Village Square
Michalos-Kaniewski, Christie jewelry - lampwork Village Square
Miller, Lavern and Rachel wood - toys, basketry Waterfront and Village Square
Mulderink, Kelli fiber - children's clothing Village Square
Odmark, Gary painter Waterfront
Perkins, Kristin jeweler Waterfront and Village Square
Porbe, Alex metal - furniture Waterfront
Roede, Jenn fiber - bags and straps Village Square
Sadowski, Jan ceramics Waterfront
Sarkody, Jerry photography Village Square
Sowa, LeAnne painter Village Square
Stec, Ronald painter Waterfront
Tortorella, Jill Grau ceramics Waterfront


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