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Kit Lane's Painting the Town: A History of Art in Saugatuck and Douglas tells us "In 1930 many of the professional artists and a few amateurs of the area joined together to form the Saugatuck Art Association, which opened its own gallery for local artists and guest artists in the upper rooms of the Saugatuck Village Hall in July of 1931."  This gallery featured many artists who worked in Saugatuck and the area, such as Frederick Fursman, Carl and Christiana Hoerman, Cora Bliss Taylor, Albert Krehbiel, and Olive Williams.

Jane Van Dis recently gave the Saugatuck Douglas Art Club the register that the Association offered to its visitors to sign from 1931 through 1936. 

Saugatuck Art Association register of visitors

These register pages, from July 12, 1934 through July 15, 1934, feature signatures of Frederick Fursman, Fred Stearns, Isobel and Edgar Rupprecht, Thomas Eddy Tallmadge, Christiana Hoerman and Carl Hoerman.


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