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For all scholarships granted by the Art Club after 1/1/11 service units will be required.  One service unit will be required for each year of scholarship support, or for support of a special event such as attendance of an art camp.

A service unit may be performed after this rule is adopted by a scholar, a prospective scholar, or a parent.  A service unit will consist of a service performed for the Art Club, for example, volunteering at an art fair, presenting a program, or providing hospitality at a meeting.  Service units may be accumulated for use in future years. 

Evidence of a service unit having been performed will be presented at a Board meeting by the scholarship chair or other relevant executive board member or committee chair.  The Board will direct the recording secretary to keep a record of all service units it has accepted.  No funds may be disbursed for scholarships awarded after 1/1/11 without evidence of the necessary service unit having been performed.

If a scholar or parent is an active Executive Board member or committee chair throughout the same year as the scholar receives a scholarship or special unit support the service unit requirement will be waived.

The Board will consider proposals from scholars for innovative ideas to satisfy this requirement in lieu.

Adopted October 26, 2010




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