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The Art Club made about $17,000 this year from the art fairs, net of expenses.  The art fairs are our primary source of revenue.

We will spend about $18,000 on scholarships, $3,500 for support to public school art programs, plus support to other arts-related events in our home towns.

We can maximize our income from the art fairs if we can get underwriters for some of the recurring expenses for next year’s fairs, for instance:

  • Coffee service for vendors costs about $115 per fair
  • We have signs advertising the fairs at the north and south ends of town.  Each sign costs about $200 for a season.
  • Our ad in the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau magazine to advertise both fairs costs about $400
  • Postcards that we distribute to local lodging and retail locations to advertise both fairs cost about $300

We will thank our underwriters with signs at the fairs as well as acknowledgement on our website,  We encourage you to consider making full or partial donations of a particular expense, like those listed above, or donations of any amount in support of art fair expenses.  Donations to the Art Club are fully deductable for tax purposes.

Talk to Jim or Bonnie, or call 857-4823 or 857-2677 if you need more information or would like to donate.




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