The arts are our inheritance, and our legacy

Our sixty-fourth year 1953-2017



The Art Club Welcomes You

The Saugatuck Douglas Art Club was organized in 1953 after the Home Towns Art Exhibit upstairs in the Saugatuck Village Hall brought local artists together.

We continue to sponsor two outdoor Art Fairs each summer. They are the Waterfront Invitational Art Fair the weekend of July 4, and the Village Square Art and Fine Crafts Fair the last Saturday of July. Both shows are juried, and attract many locals and tourists with high quality and diverse works offered by artisans from the region and across the nation.

Our purpose is to stimulate and encourage the creation, study and presentation of the performing and creative arts, to encourage public interest in the cultural heritage of the area, and to encourage freedom of artistic expression. The Art Club has served as an incubator, sponsor and supporter of new arts organizations in its artistically vibrant hometowns. We support local cultural and educational projects benefiting the community's students and the general public of the area. We also respond to needs that the visual art programs in the Saugatuck School District may have.

The Art Club has granted hundreds of thousands of dollars to local students pursuing arts education in degree-granting programs.  It is unusual for a small town to enjoy a scholarship program which is able to provide substantial support to students pursuing careers in the arts. Among former Saugatuck Douglas Art Club Scholars are many people who are successfully pursuing careers as practicing artists, performing artists, designers and art educators.

We hold monthly meetings which focus on hands-on workshops, visits to galleries, and programs on local art history and local artists. The Art Club contributes substantially to community education and the cultural life of its hometowns, and it deserves your support. To learn how to become a member click on the Membership tab, or to learn how to become a Friend, please click here. Our address is Box 176, Saugatuck MI 49453. 

We encourage you to donate to our scholarship fund, or as a memorial to friends or family.  We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and all contributions are tax-deductable to the extent allowed by law.  Our annual report and tax returns are available for your inspection on request.



For applications, rules, and maps for our two summertime art fairs in Saugatuck MI, the Waterfront Invitational Art Fair and the Village Square Arts and Crafts Fair, click on the art fairs tab. 


We present programs showcasing the arts in our community and in the world throughout the spring, summer and fall.  For information on these programs, which are free and open to the public, click on the programs tab.


We give thousands of dollars annually to local students pursuing degrees in the arts.  To learn more about them, click on the scholarships tab.

Most photographs on this website copyright 2006-2013 by Doug Lowe.  Art on this site is copyright 2013 or before by the originating artists.  All Rights Reserved.  No reproduction or approximation may be created in any medium without specific written permission from the artists.



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